Wednesday, 13 January 2016

8 Reasons to Switch from Windows 10 to Linux

Windows 10 has been out in the wild for some time now. Generally, individuals have been truly preferring it. It's likely the most streamlined adaptation of Microsoft's working framework to date. Still, a few individuals aren't content with the redesign and are taking a gander at options.

Presenting Linux: it's a free and open source stage which numerous working frameworks are based upon. In case you're hoping to move from Windows to an option, here are eight convincing reasons why you ought to leave Microsoft for an all the more free and open source working framework.

1. Free working frameworks forever 

All Linux-based working frameworks (generally) are totally free. You won't end up heading to a Best Buy to purchase your duplicate of Fedora Linux. All that is required is a USB streak drive, an Internet association and the ability to get it introduced.

There are not really any working frameworks in view of the Linux bit out there that cost cash. Without a doubt, some do cost an expense to make them go, however those are undertaking Linux disseminations. With regards to desktop Linux, the cost is an unobtrusive $0. This is ideal for the individuals who can't save the $199 expense to get a full-included duplicate of Windows from a major box store.

2. Free projects 

All the more free stuff. Sounds great, isn't that so? If you somehow managed to introduce Ubuntu Linux on your portable workstation, you'd have entry to huge amounts of programming thoroughly gratis. Ubuntu works on the thought that product ought to be free. Of course, in the event that you look sufficiently hard, you can most likely discover a few projects that cost cash, however paid programming is to a great extent a minority on the Linux stage.

Yes, there are free projects on Windows as well, however a large portion of them are not five star projects. For instance: since Adobe will likely never port Photoshop over to Linux, we have Gimp. Gimp is an enormous programming venture loaded with bunches of supporters committed to making a practical photograph supervisor for the Linux stage (and they likewise have a Windows variant).

3. Better security 

One of Linux's immense qualities is the means by which genuinely security is taken. When you introduce programming it is incomprehensible for you to do as such without intentionally entering your secret word. What's shockingly better is that when you introduce a Linux appropriation, all the product you will ever need is inside servers that are kept up by the engineers of the working framework itself. They experience every single bundle and check that it isn't malignant and even sign them. This evacuates the capacity for noxious programming to introduce itself (like on Windows).

4. It'll keep running on anything, including maturing equipment 

You'd be unable to discover a duplicate of Microsoft's most recent working framework that can keep running on something as meager as 128 megabytes of RAM. Concerning Linux, this is absolutely conceivable. On the off chance that you have a maturing PC that isn't perfect with Windows 10, don't stress! There are Linux ventures out there that particularly concentrate on old equipment. For instance: Lubuntu can keep running on almost no RAM yet permits its clients to appreciate an advanced, clean working framework.

5. No walled gardens 

When you utilize a Linux dispersion as your primary working framework, you're not anticipated that would have a Microsoft account, a duplicate of Office 365, Xbox Live, a Skype account and an One Drive account. You're not compelled to take an interest in a biological system that you may not concur with, and Linux isn't filled to the overflow with one organization's "vision." Instead, you get the chance to pick your own. Who can contend with that?

6. Your security is considered important 

In Windows 10 your security is for the most part neglected. A great deal of viewpoints to Windows 10 are not as much as security inviting. When you utilize Microsoft's new working framework, you are letting them know that it is alright for them to gather information on you. They collect data on your gadget's area, your date-book information, messages and messages, contact information, and the rundown goes on. In case you're occupied with perusing the full review on how Microsoft handles your protection, Christopher Harper has composed an article about it here.

On the off chance that you esteem your protection, evading Windows 10 is an unquestionable requirement. Most, if not all, Linux dispersions consider your protection important. You won't locate a bubbly talking right hand on your Linux desktop gathering information and data on you for monetary benefit. What's much more vital is that if a Linux conveyance is found to neglect your security, it will be immediately gotten out by the huge group of Linux designers and settled rapidly.

7. Open source 

Most, if not all, Linux circulations are made partially by open source advances. A vanilla establishment of your most loved Linux-based working framework likely won't contain any shut code programs. This makes it simpler to give away the working framework for nothing, yet it additionally implies that change of the working framework is legitimately permitted. This implies on the off chance that you need, you can uninhibitedly adjust your working framework until your heart is content.

In case you're better than average at programming, you can even sign up with your most loved Linux dispersion and add to it. The greater part of the code utilized is open and freely accessible for everybody's viewing pleasure, and anything is conceivable.

8. Customization 

Have you ever needed to change the symbols or the way the organizers look in Windows? Shouldn't something be said about the general way the assignment bar looks? Possibly you simply need to experiment with another desktop altogether. On Microsoft's working framework, this isn't totally conceivable. You're screwed over thanks to the Windows 10 look, and there's simply no getting around that.

On Linux appropriations this is not the situation by any stretch of the imagination. You can dismantle your working framework, and supplant the symbols, the desktop topic and almost whatever else you can consider. By doing this present it's conceivable to take Linux and make it really one of a kind. The same can't be said for Windows 10.


Each year the motivations to change to Linux increment. There's doubtlessly the Linux stage has developed past being a "working framework for programmers" to being something that everybody can appreciate. Ideally this rundown will help those uncertain of relinquishing Windows 10 for a superior stage that regards flexibility of decision, security and programming opportunity.

Linux clients: when did you change to Linux? Let us know below!

Monday, 11 January 2016


1. How To Use Emoji on the Desktop

Many incredible features are already built into your Mac, iPhone, Android device, or PC. They’re hiding behind keyboard shortcuts, gestures, your power adapter’s cable arms… and the best ones are below.
So you can use the emojis in email, Twitter, documents, or where ever you want..😉

For Mac: You can get emoji in the menu by pressing control + command +spacebar. You need Mac OS X 10.9 or later.

For PC:  Windows 7 users can copy and paste emoji from, while windows 8.1 and 10  can select the emoji from the touch keyboard and select the wanted smiley face.

2. If you hate how slow iPhoto is, use Image Capture to upload pictures instead.
For Mac users, iPhoto is the culprit behind the major pc lagging. If we edit an will create a duplicate picture of the original ones and overtime, those duplicates will add up, Slowing down your pc

If you want to upload the images from iPhone or camera then capture the image, iphone will create a duplicate for that picture. Except editing you can do anything else. preview those images and select the one you want to upload in a specified folder you it to be.

Saturday, 9 January 2016


 Mobile theft is increasing day by day rapidly...We have heard about almost all the technologies being implemented by cellular manufacturers these days to confirm that you would be able to recover your handset from being theft. But what happens if your mobile is not included with such technology.   You can download Phone Guardian v3.0 at

 This app Works by auto locking your mobile when it has been stolen. To do this, we should send a lock sms, then the phone guardian decodes that message and understands t5hat your mobile is in trouble and automatically it locks your mobile.

The person who ever wants to use the phone have to enter the correct password..But keep in mind that once your mobile is locked you have to enter the correct password to enable it..we can not uninstall that application once it is locked. So remember your password.

In the earlier version of this application it has many extra features . Another security thing is XPRESS ALARMS. With this application all you need to do is keep your mobile phone in your pocket. The moment its outside your pocket, its sounds an alarm. You can download Xpress alarm at

Finally by staying safe you don't need any applications to prevent your mobile from theft rather than you. Taking ownership of your mobile comes before everything.